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Nadia Mejia

by Giovanni Concepcion 08 Oct 2020

We are excited to announce our new Global Brand Ambassador for Kitchen Crafted, Nadia Mejia!

If Nadia looks familiar, it is because she gained national recognition as Miss California and was a runner-up at the Miss USA pageant in 2016. 

Being in the public eye at a very young age and continuously having to bring her "A" game, she has strived to maintain a healthy physical lifestyle and ensuring that her mental and emotional state is nourished through positive thinking. This is the very essence of what Kitchen Crafted stands for - that food is medicine, and we should integrate this philosophy into our daily regimens. At Kitchen Crafted, our core competency focuses on the time-honored benefits of "the power of spice", which is based on years of global travels and our own culinary experiences.

While Nadia has done major campaigns for Skechers, Nordstrom, Too Face Cosmetics and Guess, there are more dimensions and layers to her global public persona. The entrepreneurial spirit runs deep in her veins like her father, who just launched his own line of coffee called Rico Suave Coffee® which has partnered with agriculturists from his native Ecuador. Nadia has dreams of pursing a music career, as well as opening her own restaurant that fuses both her Ecuadorian and Mediterranean heritage - which aligns with our globally inspired product portfolio. And it is a little known fact that she was on her way to enrolling at the legendary Cordon Bleu culinary school, prior to pursuing a full-time career in modeling.

We are more than thrilled to partner with Nadia and look forward to sharing more from her as our Kitchen Crafted journey continues! Enjoy photos and videos form both our shoots in Malibu and Miami -- which were expertly managed by her agency newMark Models and shot by the iconic visionary, Jorden Keith.



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